The wood-fired oven is a centerpiece of the Bistro. At cooking temperatures of 650-750 degrees the oven sears meats and seals in the flavours of vegetables and breads. Al fresco dinning (weather permitting) is another feature of the Alder Wood Bistro. The courtyard, has been described as a “living garden”, even “magical”.  Indeed, it is the food that is unparalleled. Owing to the skill and experience of chef Gabriel, as well as the supply of fresh, organic ingredients form over 20 local growers and purveyors, the Alder Wood Bistro is able to deliver an array of tantalizing gastronomic fare.
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Our excellent chef, Gabriel, and his wife Jessica, had a vision of owning a small restaurant where they could share the joy that inevitably comes from sampling Gabriel's work with their friends and neighbors. Today that dream is a reality, and they hope that you will join them soon to sample their imaginative, epicurean delights.
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