about us The Alder Wood Bistro is a casual neighborhood lunch and dinner restaurant featuring unique fire-roasted fare such as planked seafood, gourmet pizza, and hearth breads fresh from our wood-fired oven. High-quality local, seasonal, and organic ingredients are paired with local brews and wine. Lets not forget the tempting selection of decadent desserts! At the Alder Wood Bistro, we support regional producers who practice sustainable and organic methods whenever and wherever possible. Come relax and feel right at home while you indulge your taste buds. Seasonally-inspired specials are available on a daily basis.  The wood-fired oven is the centerpiece of the Bistro. It was hand built by traveling mason, Malcolm Chase, with lots of help from Gabriel, Jessica, Jim (Gabriel's dad), their friends, and members of the Sequim community. At cooking temperatures of 650-750 degrees the oven sears meats and seals in the flavours of vegetables and breads. Al fresco dinning (weather permitting) is another feature of the Alder Wood Bistro. The courtyard, designed by Suzi (Gabriel's mom), has been described as a living garden where vegetables, herbs and flowers share the same area. The patio is set between two cherry trees and maize-colored sails provide shade for diners on hot days. Beverly Hoffman of the Sequim Gazette depicts the garden as “magical” and concludes “so is the food”. Indeed, it is the food (see menus) that is unparalleled. Owing to the skill and experience of chef Gabriel, as well as the supply of fresh, organic ingredients form over 20 local growers and purveyors, the Alder Wood Bistro is able to deliver an array of tantalizing gastronomic fare. Our excellent chef, Gabriel, began his culinary career catering throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, honing his skills in an environment that offered the freedom to experiment with a broad spectrum of ingredients in various combinations. From California, Gabriel embarked on a culinary pilgrimage that took him from France to Turkey including an eight month stay in Spain. Upon his return to the USA, an infusion of Continental flavors found its way into his creations. During this time, Gabriel became the lead sauté chef at the Seasons Restaurant in Davis California, and then the sous chef at the Indian Peach Food Co. in Point Reyes California where he was instrumental in developing their fantastic menu. Jessica, Gabriel’s wife and Bistro co-owner, is our chief administrator, participating in virtually every aspect of managing the office and dining room including hosting, and waiting tables. After graduating from Humboldt State University Jessica entered the workforce, where she was employed with ‘Californians Against Waste’. While there, she helped to pass and implement electronic waste legislation mandating the recycling of computer parts. Jessica also worked with a non-profit organization that provided transitional housing and other services for the homeless. Gabriel and Jessica dreamed of owning a small restaurant where they could share the joy that inevitably comes from sampling Gabriel's work with their friends and neighbors. Today that dream is a reality, and they hope that you will join them soon to sample their imaginative, epicurean delights.
‘el amor verdadero, tiene el sabor verdadero’
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